Far less expensive than MIL-STD rugged systems, Winchester Systems COTS-Rugged products are designed to process, store and protect data in harsh operating environments; tolerating levels of dust, moisture, shock and vibration not possible with standard commercial units. Numerous major programs currently depend on Winchester Systems products to be easy to deploy, manage and maintain in-theater.

FlashDisk RF Series COTS-Rugged RAID – Originally designed for the US military for mobile and stationary deployment, these rugged storage arrays and servers are also suitable for a variety of commercial applications including first responders, field exploration (such as oil and gas), video surveillance, movie recording – any environment requiring a rugged, capable solution.

FlashNAS ZFS RZ File Servers – High performance, COTS-Rugged NAS.

FlashServer Carrier-Grade Servers – Durable Intel servers performance-balanced for high I/O workloads.