MIL-STD Rugged Products

A pioneer in removable storage, Winchester Systems combines rugged durability; high performance; and quick, easy data transportability to deliver MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-901D, etc. ruggedized equipment tailored to fit each project’s unique workload and DoD environmental requirements. Leveraging COTS technologies and standards, Winchester Systems products are plug-compatible with existing systems in the field and in data centers—easing system integration.

RR2P Rugged Rack Mount Dual Removable Canister Mobile RAID – Designed as transportable data storage for mobile field use aboard planes, ships and ground transport, the RR2P weighs 48 pounds fully loaded, and features two secure, yet easily removable disk canisters. Each canister holds 10 compact 2.5” Small Form Factor (SFF) disk drives or SSDs at capacities up to 2 TB each for a maximum total system capacity of 40 TB. RR2P delivers up to 2,000 MB/s write throughput for rapid data recording and 2,200 MB/s for data reading and transfer.

RR1P Rugged 3/4 ATR Single Removable Canister Mobile RAID – The RR1P is a 3/4 ATR form-factor, true military rugged unit with COTS controller, transportable RAID data storage system for mobile field use aboard planes, ships and ground transport. The enclosure is 100% aircraft-grade aluminum for strength and light weight and is ARINC tray mountable. Weighing only 25 pounds, the RR1P features an easily removable disk canister that’s lightweight, durable, and sustains 10,000 insertion cycles – enough for 5 years of daily use. Each canister holds up to 24 low-profile 1.8” Solid-State Disk (SSD) disk drives with capacity up to 800 GB each and total raw capacity up to 19.2 TB. The system delivers up to 2,200 MB per second write throughput for rapid data recording and up to 2,600 MB per second for data reading and transfer.