Customer Success Stories


Storage system provides “amazing” performance at a lower cost than big-name alternatives. “With the system in operation since the fourth quarter of 2009, it is working flawlessly and performance is amazing.”

US Army

FlashDisk Ruggedized RAID Transforms Humvee into Terrain Analysis Center. “FlashDisk is an integral part of this Humvee mobile digital terrain analysis system for use in the battlefield. For us, for the soldier, it is the amount of data he can store and how quickly he can access it.”


High Speed Storage Solution - Caltech Selects FlashDisk To Provide Fast Data Access to Over 10,000 Users Worldwide. “FlashDisk... a whopping 50 percent faster reading, and 100 percent faster writing than anything else that we measured..."


NASA’s Earth Science Community Gets Fast, Reliable Access to Growing Petabyte of Data Using FlashDisk with RAID 6. “Winchester Systems price performance tipped the scale in its favor. We’ve got a good value for the purchase, and that’s how we measure our ROI.”